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At Griffin we strive to deliver industry leading coating services, employing a highly experienced team of coating experts and enforcing top-notch quality assurances, we believe we can deliver products much more efficiently and effectively. We envision a workplace environment where our employees can unleash their potential and are proud of the work they do for Griffin; form partnerships and relations with our suppliers that are beneficial for all sides. Guided by our values and applying them on a daily basis within our operations, we believe that Griffin can excel further as custom coaters and refurbishers and be renowned as leaders in the industry and achieve great successes for its customers and employees.

Our Mission

At Griffin we have very diversified abilities within our operations to do any type of coating on virtually any substrate. Guided by our Vision and upholding our Shared Values, we strive to provide custom and standard metal solutions that use the best in high-tech equipment in a lean production style and ensure that all segments of our company are continually improving their processes and providing quality products and services on time. We strive to maintain our market position as a trusted go-to source and supplier of coatings and refurbishment services to manufacturers.

Shared Values